U.S. dairy farmers, processors, government representatives and institutions work to ensure products meet strict U.S. regulatory standards and surpass customer and consumer expectations for quality and safety. Safe, quality milk starts at the farm, and U.S. dairy farmers excel at keeping healthy, well-tended cows, so they consistently produce wholesome, high-quality milk. Multi-layer protection steps support consistent delivery of wholesome dairy products from farms in the United States to tables around the world. 

This uncompromising commitment not only assures safety and quality, but also produces exceptional products. U.S. Dairy has developed an impressive and ever-evolving portfolio of ingredients and award-winning cheeses in high demand around the world. From skim milk powder with specifications fitting a range of applications, to dairy proteins, permeate and more, the ingredients portfolio’s quality is key to enjoyment. U.S. cheesemakers’ craftsmanship continues to shine on the global stage, as more discover their exceptional artisanship. 

The nutritional quality for dairy products and foods further adds to their enjoyment. Dairy proteins provide a  high-quality, complete source of protein containing all the essential amino acids, whereas dairy permeates offer a functional punch by providing nourishing minerals and sodium reduction capability. This is just scratching the surface of dairy’s support for nutritional quality. Learn more here.