U.S. Center for Dairy Excellence Events

What’s on Indonesian Consumers’ Minds for Health, Wellness and Protein?

Date & Time: August 2021

Location: Webinar

What are the nutrition and fitness habits and goals of Indonesian consumers? And what do they know and think about the benefits of protein? Uncover new insights on Indonesian consumers’ health and wellness attitudes and perceptions in this webinar.

This webinar will feature findings from custom USDEC 2020 research conducted across five Indonesian cities: Jakarta, Bandung, Medan, Surabaya and Makassar. The first in the U.S. Center for Dairy Excellence’s Insights and Intelligence series, this segment will help manufacturers better understand consumer needs and drivers to win their hearts, at a time when Indonesians are increasingly recognizing added benefits of consuming protein. Please check back for additional details and updates and contact us with any questions in the meantime.

Food Navigator Asia Growth Asia Series: Healthy Snacking

Presenter: Martin Teo, Technical Director - Food Applications, USDEC Southeast Asia

Date & Time: July 13, 2021 (3pm SG)

Location: Webinar

Martin Teo, Technical Director – Food Applications, USDEC Southeast Asia, will join other distinguished speakers and panelists to discuss Healthy Snacking category trends and opportunities as part of the Growth Asia Interactive Broadcast Series organized by FoodNavigator-Asia.com.

Discover how the expanding world of protein snacks can be reimagined and tailored to wow Asian consumers, marrying delicious and comforting Southeast Asian flavors with the value-adding nutrition and functionality advantages of U.S. dairy proteins.

Highlighting the Uniqueness of Dairy Proteins: The Processing Angle

Presenter: Rohit Kapoor, Ph.D., VP of Product Research, Dairy Management, Inc.

Date & Time: July 8, 2021 (11 am SG/PH | 10 am TH/IND)

Location: Webinar

Differences in nutritional quality between dairy and plant protein ingredients are well documented in the scientific literature. But, have you ever wondered about how the processing steps of dairy and plant protein ingredients differ and what effect those steps have on sustainable production? Dr. Kapoor will share research results from a first-of-its-kind 2020 landscape survey examining 17 dairy and non-dairy protein ingredients in terms of the degree of processing and impact on clean-label formulations and environmental resources.

Dr. Kapoor will also shed light on the range of product research programs currently underway in the United States through Dairy Management, Inc. to further unlock and optimize the future innovation and performance potential of U.S. milk powders, dairy protein ingredients and permeate. The webinar is the second installment of the U.S. Center for Dairy Excellence’s Ingredients Immersion webinar series, providing a deep dive exploration of the multifaceted advantages of U.S. dairy ingredients.

Turning Trends into Advantages with U.S. Dairy Proteins

Presenter: Julian Mellentin, Founder, New Nutrition Business; Mary Wilcox, Founder, Significant Outcomes

Date & Time: June 2, 2021 (3 pm SG/PH | 2 pm TH/IND)

Location: Webinar

Explore how to seize nutrition trend opportunities by formulating products with U.S. dairy proteins in this Ideation and Innovation Ignition Webinar Series installment. Whether formulating business strategies or innovative new food and beverage products, understanding what’s on trend and what’s driving those trends is essential to success.

Renowned food and nutrition trends expert Julian Mellentin, Founder of New Nutrition Business, will highlight the top trends in 2021 shaping consumer demand for health and wellness products, and how product developers and marketers can capitalize on these trends for business and competitive advantage. He will also discuss how these 2021 trends align with bright dairy protein innovation opportunities today and in the future, amidst an evolving protein ingredient marketplace.

Dairy ingredient specialist Mary Wilcox, Founder of Significant Outcomes, will also shed light on how and why U.S. dairy proteins offer food and beverage manufacturers the complete package of health, sensory, functionality, versatility and sustainability advantages, critical to power up delicious and nutritious new product innovations that win with consumers.