World-Class Product Portfolio

Continuous investments in research and innovation across the supply chain support the United States’ sustainable and consistent delivery of high-quality dairy products and ingredients. This world-class portfolio offers solutions to meet consumer demand for products that are not only great tasting but are responsibly produced and align with health and wellness priorities.

Seeking halal dairy products and ingredients? The U.S. dairy community recognizes requirements for products that comply with religious and lifestyle needs. Explore a sampling of U.S. Dairy’s portfolio below and browse the U.S. Dairy Supplier Directory at to search for suppliers by desired products and attributes.

U.S. Dairy Products

Milk Powders

The United States leads the world as a single-country producer and exporter of nonfat dry milk/skim milk powder and has ramped-up capacity to deliver various powder options that meet consumers' rigorous specifications.

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Accounting for two-thirds of global permeate production, U.S. whey and milk permeates are creating attractive new opportunities to utilize these versatile ingredients in food products to enhance flavor, reduce sodium and lower cost, too.

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Whey Proteins & Ingredients

U.S. whey suppliers produce a wide array of ingredients, from sweet whey to whey protein concentrates and isolates, to meet varying needs or protein levels, functional properties, and other specifications.

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A track record as the world’s producer and exporter makes the United States a trusted, go-to lactose source for feed, food, and pharmaceutical uses.

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Milk Proteins

U.S. manufacturers have become increasingly specialized in the production of milk protein concentrates and isolates offering a variety of functional benefits. Micellar casein concentrate is now also in production and commercially available.

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The United States is the world’s largest manufacturer and exporter of cheese, producing more than 1,000 delicious varieties. This includes European-style selections such as cheddar and mozzarella alongside American Originals such as Monterey Jack, Colby, and cream cheese. International competitions place U.S. cheeses among the best in the world with consistent top honors for flavor, body, and appearance.

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Yogurt, Ice Cream and Dairy Desserts

The United States is well positioned to meet rising global demand for these delicious dairy treats. The United States is recognized for innovation and quality for frozen dairy desserts as well as tasty and nutritious yogurt products.

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Butter and Milkfat

The sweet taste and creamy texture of “Made in USA” butter enhances flavor and texture in a multitude of applications.

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