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Globally Inspired Fusions, Sustainable Ingredient Solutions

Consumers today ask a lot of their foods and beverages. They want delicious flavors with balanced nutrition and products made from ingredients raised and produced using sustainable methods. The U.S. dairy industry can help you meet these demands. Explore global menu trends from around the world and be inspired by the versatility and functionality of U.S. dairy ingredients.

Up to Date with USDEC: New Milk Powder Research Insights

Find out more about the results from our recently completed comparative benchmarking study, which examined skim milk powders from 4 regions around the world. Conducted with the Food Innovation and Resource Centre at Singapore Polytechnic, our study tested several parameters related to the composition, functionality, and microbiology of skim milk powder.

Permeate: Perfectly Popular

Discover how dairy permeate, a versatile ingredient containing lactose and dairy minerals, is quickly becoming a rock star in the global food and beverage industry through this video that introduces recent global permeate product trends and developments.

U.S. Cheese Overview

Hundreds of years of excellence stemming from a melting pot of backgrounds and cultures makes the United States a unique partner to meet the world’s cheese needs. Discover what makes the U.S. the best-suited source for global cheese supply.

Enhancing Nutrition Bars, Bites and Gels with U.S. Dairy Proteins

Clinical nutrition research has demonstrated that foods containing high quality protein contribute positively to muscle growth and recovery which impacts overall health across all life stages. This monograph discusses the benefits of using U.S. dairy ingredients in protein-containing bars, bites, and gels alongside sample formulations as innovation inspiration.

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U.S. Whey & Milk Permeate Overview

This resource highlights the benefits of using permeate in many applications including how it can make a difference in managing formulation costs and sodium content in manufactured products. Use this brochure to learn about advantages that permeate offers.

U.S. Milk Powder Overview

The United States has expanded the volume and scope of milk powder production in recent years to fulfil rising demand, including significant investments in new plants and upgrades to existing facilities. Learn more about how U.S. Dairy well-positioned to meet customers’ specifications.

U.S. Dairy Proteins Overview

Demand for dairy proteins is growing as awareness of protein benefits expands, and U.S. suppliers have become increasingly specialized in the production of dairy proteins to meet varying protein levels, functional properties, and other specifications. Learn more about the functional benefits and wide range of uses for U.S. milk powders.