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Export Exchange: Q2 2021

This edition of Export Exchange, a series offering timely dairy market updates, takes a look at milk and product production outlook as well as a deep dive on the U.S. port situation and what it means for trade.

Up to Date with USDEC: Insights on Dairy Protein New Product Launches

Find out more about new data on whey and milk protein ingredients in the food and beverage marketplace as well as how dairy proteins compare to plant proteins. The data comes from a custom analysis conducted for USDEC by Innova Market Insights, a firm which tracks and maintains an extensive database of new product launches around the world.

Export Exchange: Q1 2021

This edition of Export Exchange, a series offering timely dairy market updates, sheds light on China’s dairy import demand and its impact on global prices as well as factors impacting dairy production and exports in the U.S., New Zealand and the EU.

Permeate: Perfectly Popular

Over the past decade, the number of tracked new product introductions using permeate have soared globally. It’s no surprise, given this ingredient’s multifaceted benefits, including flavor enhancement, sodium reduction, nourishing minerals, browning and cost savings.

Globally Inspired Fusions, Sustainable Ingredient Solutions

Consumers today ask a lot of their foods and beverages. They want delicious flavors with balanced nutrition and products made from ingredients raised and produced using sustainable methods. The U.S. dairy industry can help you meet these demands. Explore global menu trends from around the world and be inspired by the versatility and functionality of U.S. dairy ingredients.

Permeate: Perfectly Popular

Discover how dairy permeate, a versatile ingredient containing lactose and dairy minerals, is quickly becoming a rock star in the global food and beverage industry through this video that introduces recent global permeate product trends and developments.