Resources category: U.S. Dairy Community Advantages

U.S. Cheese Overview

Hundreds of years of excellence stemming from a melting pot of backgrounds and cultures makes the United States a unique partner to meet the world’s cheese needs. Discover what makes the U.S. the best-suited source for global cheese supply.

U.S. Dairy Sustainability

This resource details U.S. Dairy’s status as a global leader in sustainability. Use this brochure to learn about the U.S. dairy industry’s commitment to environmental stewardship and continuous improvement.

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Quality Assurance

This resource details U.S. Dairy’s multi-layer protection steps that support consistent delivery of wholesome dairy products. Use this brochure to learn about how everyone involved-from farmers and cooperatives to processors, government representatives, and dairy institutions-works to ensure U.S. products meet strict U.S. regulatory standards and surpass customer and consumer requirements for quality and safety.

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U.S. Whey & Milk Permeate Overview

This resource highlights the benefits of using permeate in many applications including how it can make a difference in managing formulation costs and sodium content in manufactured products. Use this brochure to learn about advantages that permeate offers.

U.S. Milk Powder Overview

The United States has expanded the volume and scope of milk powder production in recent years to fulfil rising demand, including significant investments in new plants and upgrades to existing facilities. Learn more about how U.S. Dairy well-positioned to meet customers’ specifications.

U.S. Dairy Proteins Overview

Demand for dairy proteins is growing as awareness of protein benefits expands, and U.S. suppliers have become increasingly specialized in the production of dairy proteins to meet varying protein levels, functional properties, and other specifications. Learn more about the functional benefits and wide range of uses for U.S. milk powders.