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Export Exchange: Q2 2021

This edition of Export Exchange, a series offering timely dairy market updates, takes a look at milk and product production outlook as well as a deep dive on the U.S. port situation and what it means for trade.

Up to Date with USDEC: Insights on Dairy Protein New Product Launches

Find out more about new data on whey and milk protein ingredients in the food and beverage marketplace as well as how dairy proteins compare to plant proteins. The data comes from a custom analysis conducted for USDEC by Innova Market Insights, a firm which tracks and maintains an extensive database of new product launches around the world.

Export Exchange: Q1 2021

This edition of Export Exchange, a series offering timely dairy market updates, sheds light on China’s dairy import demand and its impact on global prices as well as factors impacting dairy production and exports in the U.S., New Zealand and the EU.

Up to Date with USDEC: New Dairy Protein Nutrition Research Insights

Hear from Dr. Matthew Pikosky, Vice President of Nutrition Research at U.S. National Dairy Council as he shares a brief overview of a newly published review paper from July 2020 authored by 3 of the world authorities on protein nutrition and health – Drs. Stuart Phillips, Douglas Paddon-Jones, and Don Layman. It highlights the importance of protein quantity and quality in optimizing health outcomes related to aging, inactivity and bed rest and blood glucose management with a particular focus on meal-based recommendations.

Up to Date with USDEC: New Milk Powder Research Insights

Find out more about the results from our recently completed comparative benchmarking study, which examined skim milk powders from 4 regions around the world. Conducted with the Food Innovation and Resource Centre at Singapore Polytechnic, our study tested several parameters related to the composition, functionality, and microbiology of skim milk powder.